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06/20/2010 00:26

PROS: Site accepts credit card payments. There is a wide range of merchandise available from the site, including Swiss and Japanese replica watches, jewelry, handbags, cell phones, and accessories. Site offers a warranty of six months on Japanese replica watches and twelve month for Swiss ETA movement replicas. They offer a 10 day refund policy if not happy with your purchase. No restocking fees. Customer service from New York.

CONS: Some site copied their website and it can create a bit of confusion, so pay attention to URL - not to get ripped off. Many of the accessory and jewelry descriptions are not very detailed. There are limited photographs in the jewelry category.

Secured shopping cart: - Yes.

Pictures Good quality pictures taken up close. It is easy to see every detail of the replicas by looking at the series of photographs from every angle possible. The photos make it easier to tell the quality of the replicas you are purchasing from the website.

Domain registered: China

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Customer Service: The site offers customer service by phone call and emails. There is also live chat that offers instant assistance, even when business hours are over for the day.

Rating:  (out of 5 - recommended)

Summary: Straightforward policies, no restocking fee for returns, reasonable prices and customer support by email chat and phone makes this one of the highly recommended replica sites.



Date 12/30/2011

By Jeramy

Subject Re: Re: Re: RR and this site partners? and are afiliated. is an affiliate of . Whenever you click from through to and make a purchase, receive 15% of the sale price.
I came here to get reviews on replica watch sites to avoid being scammed only to find that this site is scamming customers. Tyhe top 2 rated sites here have high percentage affiliate programs and I don't believe this is a conincidence.
here is a link to affiliate program as proof.

Date 08/30/2011

By Mike

Subject Same Order: 15200 Look at the Fraud!!!

URGENT: Confirmation of Recent Transaction
Your Account Ending in ****

As part of our commitment to help keep your account secure, we monitor it for possible fraudulent activity. We tried to contact you to help us verify recent activity, but we weren't able to reach you. We're writing to verify whether the transaction below was authorized on your Chase Sapphire account ending in **** by you or another Cardmember:

Transaction for $524.35 at ALFA BILLING was requested on or around 08/29/2011 in 8610, China.

My transaction did go through and they charged me $524.35 instead of $521.

Look for yourselves!!! My bank has been calling me all day.

STAY AWAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date 08/30/2011

By Mike

Subject Re: Same Order: 15200 Look at the Fraud!!!

Matt Phillips [agent]
We calculated the discount so the price of the watch was 502 USD. To this we added the 19 USD shipping fee.
So, the total amount of the order is:

Date 08/30/2011

By Susan

Subject Re: Re: Same Order: 15200 Look at the Fraud!!!

Holy smokes!

Thank God I saw this before I placed my order. I had an inkling to google this company before I made my payment and WOW.

The RR Team is awesome! Thank you guys for being an unbiased review site. Truly a blessing having your team around to save the day.

Sorry Mike for all of the headache and stress!!! Shouldn't have to go through this with a reputable company, especially paying $521.

The RR Team should lower the rating of this site. I believe there's plenty of evidence to even suggest avoiding them.

Date 08/30/2011

By James

Subject Re: Re: Re: Same Order: 15200 Look at the Fraud!!!

I agree.
RR Team lower this rating.

Date 08/30/2011

By Geraldo

Subject Re: Same Order: 15200 Look at the Fraud!!!

I too was overcharged! Wtf

Date 08/30/2011

By Bob

Subject Submariner Follow-Up

Sorry for late reply. Got my Submariner few days ago. It's a very good replica: second hand sweeps, no spelling errors, scratch proof crystal and accurate movement.
I will keep you posted if there will be any problems.

Date 08/30/2011

By Nick

Subject Re: Submariner Follow-Up

Bezel falls off in first month after three months, inside parts on dial unglue.

Waste of my money!

Date 08/30/2011

By Geraldo

Subject Re: Submariner Follow-Up

You have to hack and time it. After 2 months they lose an hr a day!

Date 08/29/2011

By Mike

Subject My Swiss Submariner Order...

I just placed an order for the mostbexpensive Rolex Submariner Swiss Replica. Was on chat with Kevin who assisted in finding which replica is of the best quality. Apparently they specialize in Rolex replicas so if you order other manufacturers its good to know. He told me this model submariner has a ceramic bezel but Ill be confirming that with a jewelrer. One thing that annoyed me was paypal is not a payment option like this site and theirs lists. I was hoping to use paypal because of these double charged reviews I saw on this site. Kevin also told me that if I used my Visa card, they would honor a 10% off my order, however, I have yet to see that adjusted amount and was charged full. I suppose its manually placed after?

I will leave you guys a thorough and expensive review based on their service, shipping, and product. I am an attorney here in New Jersey so Im really hoping to avoid fraud and negligence in small claims court.


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