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06/20/2010 00:26

PROS: Site accepts credit card payments. There is a wide range of merchandise available from the site, including Swiss and Japanese replica watches, jewelry, handbags, cell phones, and accessories. Site offers a warranty of six months on Japanese replica watches and twelve month for Swiss ETA movement replicas. They offer a 10 day refund policy if not happy with your purchase. No restocking fees. Customer service from New York.

CONS: Some site copied their website and it can create a bit of confusion, so pay attention to URL - not to get ripped off. Many of the accessory and jewelry descriptions are not very detailed. There are limited photographs in the jewelry category.

Secured shopping cart: - Yes.

Pictures Good quality pictures taken up close. It is easy to see every detail of the replicas by looking at the series of photographs from every angle possible. The photos make it easier to tell the quality of the replicas you are purchasing from the website.

Domain registered: China

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Customer Service: The site offers customer service by phone call and emails. There is also live chat that offers instant assistance, even when business hours are over for the day.

Rating:  (out of 5 - recommended)

Summary: Straightforward policies, no restocking fee for returns, reasonable prices and customer support by email chat and phone makes this one of the highly recommended replica sites.



Date 09/01/2011

By Admin

Subject People

Please stop trolling.

Date 09/01/2011

By Anthony

Subject MY experience with amatory

I have read all the reviews posted here and I can't believe we are talking about the same company. I can't believe that we are talking about the same company from where I have been ordering watches for the past 4 years, the same company that has always delivered me good quality watches, the same company that has always responded with the greatest care for each concern I had, the same company that was recommended by me to all of my friends, the same company from where my friends have also bought their beautiful watches and from where they received the same fantastic services.
The unbelievable thing is that my last order was last month and even more unbelievable I got the same high level of attention and quality I was used to.
I have read the below posts and I can only say that there must be a misunderstanding or a very hateful action which I must say it's something that shouldn't be done here where people like me actually turn to so they can find a honest retailer. Amatory is the most honest retailer I have ever dealt with and those who are searching to place an order online, should't read and believe the things said previously as they should also consider the positive things posted by satisfied customers like myself.
I have also never spoken to a representative from amatory that was rude and I basically was in touch with most of their sales persons.

Date 08/31/2011

By Emma

Subject Payment declined

Dear Mike,

I'm really sorry for all the inconveniences we caused you.

The reason you should have been charged $524.35 instead of $521 is because this is an international transaction and the $3.35 difference was your Banks fee for this transaction.

Your Bank contacted you regarding this transaction because they did hold the money until you decided to go through with this payment.

I received the answer today from our Billing Company regarding your payment and it was declined, I also canceled your order in the System and there will be no other charge attempt on your credit card.

Best Regards
Emma Stevens
Office manager

Date 08/31/2011

By Mike

Subject Re: Payment declined

Dear Emma,

Not only have you inconvenienced me but you have yet to make up for these inconveniences. This is not customer service. Telling a customer that, "We will not be accepting any more orders from you," is both insulting and unprofessional. This ordeal has caused me a lot of unneeded stress on myself and my financial institution. The worst part is, I've tried to communicate with your company respectfully, however, your associates in particular Kevin Adams has been both rude and degrading. I hope that no customer has to go through what I had to with your company, if you can call it that. I'll also be notifying everyone/every site I know about this experience as I have it recorded (each conversation) on my computer.

Thank you.

Date 08/30/2011

By Geraldo

Subject Scam

I bought the yachtmaster... Its a completely different color dial than the pictures. All the display photos are stock the ones at the bottom are actually theirs. When I called them they told me Id have to pay to ship it back.

I partially blame this site for recommending this place with 5 stars. Their products are crap!

Date 08/31/2011

By Julia

Subject Re: Scam

Dear Geraldo,

Can you please give me your order ID so I can find your order in the System?


Date 09/01/2011

By Geraldo

Subject Re: Re: Scam

I threw it in the trash. It fell apart and I'm not paying $30 to ship it back. Your company had the audacity to tell me you'd ship me parts to have it repaired. I'm just no longer dealing with your company again.

Date 08/30/2011

By Carrie

Subject RR and this site partners?

I noticed that the customer service of amatory and RR are both located in New York. Theres no possible way this site, with all of the fraud claims, would be a 4 star rating.

Date 08/30/2011

By Bob

Subject Re: RR and this site partners?

I don't believe they are affiliated but it certainly is suspicious.

Date 08/30/2011

By Jane

Subject Re: Re: RR and this site partners?

They are affiliated.

The owner of this site has spoken to "Luis" the owner of Amatory. Probably gives them incentives like free watches etc. Not sure to what depth their affiliation goes but they definitely have spoken.


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