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06/20/2010 00:26

PROS: Site accepts credit card payments. There is a wide range of merchandise available from the site, including Swiss and Japanese replica watches, jewelry, handbags, cell phones, and accessories. Site offers a warranty of six months on Japanese replica watches and twelve month for Swiss ETA movement replicas. They offer a 10 day refund policy if not happy with your purchase. No restocking fees. Customer service from New York.

CONS: Some site copied their website and it can create a bit of confusion, so pay attention to URL - not to get ripped off. Many of the accessory and jewelry descriptions are not very detailed. There are limited photographs in the jewelry category.

Secured shopping cart: - Yes.

Pictures Good quality pictures taken up close. It is easy to see every detail of the replicas by looking at the series of photographs from every angle possible. The photos make it easier to tell the quality of the replicas you are purchasing from the website.

Domain registered: China

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Customer Service: The site offers customer service by phone call and emails. There is also live chat that offers instant assistance, even when business hours are over for the day.

Rating:  (out of 5 - recommended)

Summary: Straightforward policies, no restocking fee for returns, reasonable prices and customer support by email chat and phone makes this one of the highly recommended replica sites.



Date 11/09/2011

By Emma

Subject Re: Issues


I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced until now and I can assure you we will resolve this complaint.
Please tell me your order number and we will invest all our efforts in offering you the customer service you deserve.

Thank you,

Date 11/26/2011

By Matt

Subject Re: Re: Issues

UPDATE...I have spoken to someone and explained the non-workings of the watch and also sent the video. I finally got got time to mail it back to China in hopes to replace with one that functions on the date and seconds movements. I will update as this progresses. IF it is truly a one-time mistake with the watch and I receive a well working replacement, I will let everyone know and if thats the case, i will at that time retract my harsh original review.....

Date 09/26/2011

By Junior

Subject Submariner, Rolex Box - NOT bad at all.

Received my Rolex Submariner - Steel, Black Dial Black Bezel & Rolex Wooden Box. I have to say I am pretty darn impressed and pleased with the purchase. The details on the watch are exactly as shown on the site, right down to the small laser etched crown logo at the 6 marker, the "ROLEXROLEXROLEX-Serial Number" etched completely around the inside. Hologram sticker is actually a hologram (I've seen plain green stickers before). Even had the red Rolex green string "hang tag." Markings on the clasp are clear and look perfectly straight (Again I've seen others with crooked markings) The box, I've seen real Rolex boxes and this is almost an exact clone, Green box, it is wood, not leather..all the proper markings, inside is exactly like the authentic box. Again not fine swede leather flaps..but I expected that - it still looks great! This also comes with replica "certificate" (which even has an embossed 'stamp' - like a notary - and raised print on the letter) - Comes with a manual as well. The packaging via US Mail, I'm pleased with that as well - came in a large plastic wrapped sealed cardboard box with plenty of air bubble cushioning inside protecting the product. This came with a free MontBlanc ballpoint pen - heard of them..just didn't know they retail at $300 and up! Came in a white box marked with it's logo, after looking at the real pen, this appears it has all the markings as well. I was hesitant at first, but I'm happy with this order. Not bad at all.

Date 10/15/2011

By Junior

Subject Re: Submariner, Rolex Box - NOT bad at all.

Did you get it from

Date 10/24/2011

By Junior

Subject Re: Re: Submariner, Rolex Box - NOT bad at all.

Yes I did.

Date 10/29/2011

By Jake

Subject Re: Re: Re: Submariner, Rolex Box - NOT bad at all.

Coincidence that there's two "Juniors" or you're just an idiot owner of who I know for a fact has the name Junior.

Date 10/31/2011

By The "Junior" that actually bought the Submariner

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Submariner, Rolex Box - NOT bad at all.

I didn't even notice the user name when I replied "Yes I did." Whatever the case, I do not work for the site, I didn't reply to myself. If you want to believe me or not..I don't personally care. Figured I'd add my personal experience with this site. My original review still stands.

Date 11/06/2011

By Idiot^

Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Submariner, Rolex Box - NOT bad at all.

You wonder why their sites no longer available

Date 09/22/2011

By David

Subject Montblanc

My TIMEWALKER CHRONOGRAPH replica is gorgeous! Will buy another one for my Dad.

Date 09/15/2011

By Rolex

Subject Sub

I ordered a Rolex Submariner, the Japanese version which I consider to be a very good replica. It definitely deserves the money I paid for it. The watch is accurate. I wear it each day to work, about 8 up to 10 hours a day and from what I noticed it doesn't lose any time.


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