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06/20/2010 00:26

PROS: Site accepts credit card payments. There is a wide range of merchandise available from the site, including Swiss and Japanese replica watches, jewelry, handbags, cell phones, and accessories. Site offers a warranty of six months on Japanese replica watches and twelve month for Swiss ETA movement replicas. They offer a 10 day refund policy if not happy with your purchase. No restocking fees. Customer service from New York.

CONS: Some site copied their website and it can create a bit of confusion, so pay attention to URL - not to get ripped off. Many of the accessory and jewelry descriptions are not very detailed. There are limited photographs in the jewelry category.

Secured shopping cart: - Yes.

Pictures Good quality pictures taken up close. It is easy to see every detail of the replicas by looking at the series of photographs from every angle possible. The photos make it easier to tell the quality of the replicas you are purchasing from the website.

Domain registered: China

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Customer Service: The site offers customer service by phone call and emails. There is also live chat that offers instant assistance, even when business hours are over for the day.

Rating:  (out of 5 - recommended)

Summary: Straightforward policies, no restocking fee for returns, reasonable prices and customer support by email chat and phone makes this one of the highly recommended replica sites.



Date 05/25/2011

By Victor

Subject Order

They answer to my email half hours later i put the forward message: they cleared all my doubt (and suspicions proved unfounded).

The package was shipped yesterday.
They sent me an email in which they put the code to track my pachege (very usefull), like they promise on site.
Because my order was not in stock, they call me at home to advise that my package will be shipped one/two days later(they had to take from magazine); very professional service for now.

Update when the order come home.

Date 05/22/2011

By Victor

Subject Order

I just order a watch 2 days ago from this company.
They call me and sent me an email to confirm the product.
Now i'm trying to contact them but they don't answer to my email.
Update soon.

Date 05/23/2011

By Julia

Subject Re: Order

Hi Victor,

Please give me your order ID number, or your email address so I can find your order in the system.
You also got a ticket reference ID for the emails you got from us, that will also help.


Date 05/18/2011

By john

Subject b

i'm not goin below 1 meter .. can i still us it for swimming or not?

Date 05/20/2011

By Julia

Subject Re: b


Our watches are water resistant up to 10 meters. It is recommended that you expose the watch only to splashes such as rain or while washing your hands. Unsuitable for still water activities, water sports or diving regardless of the depth.
The depth up to which watches are water resistant tend to mislead consumers as to believe that a watch can be submerged to that certain depth for an indefinite period of time and repeatedly. This is not entirely true.
The water resistance of a watch is verified through a laboratory test and it confirms the ability of a watch to withstand a static pressure for a short period of time at the stated depth. The actual water pressure on a watch during use under water is higher than the static pressure.

Thank You,

Date 05/23/2011

By Julia

Subject Re: b

We don't recommend swimming with the watches.


Date 05/17/2011

By Josh

Subject amazing

I ordered 2 watches a Submariner and a Daytona from this company and I can only say awesome watches!!! Customer service was very helpful and watches like real thing, I have to say I didn't expect to get so high quality, there are looking incredible real.

Date 05/10/2011

By Lars

Subject satisfied

great site, quality product, I will buy again from them.

Date 03/31/2011

By John D.

Subject Cartier watch

I've ordered this watch from amatorystore as a gift for my fiancée for Valentine's Day. She always wanted a pink face Cartier and this year I was finally able to offer it to her. I have to admit that I felt pretty good about surprising her like this. She loves it and wears it all the time. Even now after months of daily wear the watch looks and works perfectly. You simply can't tell that it's a replica. We are both very satisfied with the services and as promised I have returned to post my feedback. I attach picture of this watch, hope you will post it on your review.

Date 03/28/2011

By Elisa

Subject order

I just ordered a watch and didnt get a confirmation email..i looked in spam and its not there either


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