(aka replicamer)

02/27/2012 18:32

I know I did wrong buying a CHEAP replica  Daytona ROLEX direct from the seller outside Ebay  or Pay Pal , is not really an expensive " mistake " but I want to tell everybody about a  Chinesse company called : " REPLICAMER ".

It will be a short  story ... . I buy the watch and I have a quick sending ... , that was the best part . When I open the package ...the wach didn't work. I send  them an Email and they told me to give the watch to a " Repair man "  ( Not an easy thing ... when is a Rolex replica!) and get a profesional opinion . I found a reluctant one and I was told that the movement was broken.

 I wrote to "replicamer" about this issue and they said that they need a video to be sure that their watch is broken ... How they going to know the watch is the same than the one they send me? I told them that I don' t want to repair the watch beacuse I bougth a new one!

 But, after some more emails, they refused to send me new watch and refused to repair the broken one too! They said: "No video watch", but I don' t even know how to made a video o even send it. They use stupid excuse to avoid their responsability.

 I really think they send a broken watch on purpose, knowing that nobody will go to Cchinato complaint about it. They are a CON Company and a bunch of THIEVES.

 I hope my bad experience will help others to avoid that kind of "Chinesse Rubbish".

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