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We are a team of industry experts with vast experience and knowledge in such replica products as watches, handbags, phones and jewelry. Our reviews will show you all the tricks in the book that scammers use, and unveil the unfair practices used by phony dealers (believe me, there are plenty). Follow our advice when shopping for knockoff Rolex watches to avoid getting ripped off. There are hundreds of sites selling counterfeit products on the Internet, some do sell high quality products, but unfortunately, some of them just sell junk. Our aim is to give you the tools and ability to distinguish between the two extremes. We do not encourage anyone to buy fake products, and the purpose of this site is strictly informative.

Does this sound familiar? You love designer watches, but the authentic product is just too much for your budget. While looking for less expensive alternatives, you have been cheated buying replica watches from various online stores. Unscrupulous dealers and scam artists, as well as those who deal only in fake merchandise, have taken your hard earned dollars and given you inferior products. Paying hundreds for knockoff watches, and fake mobile phones of poor quality, if you ever received them at all, is stealing from you. Many of these items aren’t worth even $20, or the equivalent of the generic version. You buy this merchandise because you covet the high-end designer quality which is priced sometimes in the thousands, and you simply cannot afford them. When buying an imitation item, your goal should be to have the product look much like the more expensive authentic version, as close to the original as possible. Do not let anybody fool you into believing that a replica Rolex watch which you purchase for $100 is as good as the real thing. It’s not! Authentic Rolex styles can cost in excess of $10,000, and the bulk of the cost for a luxury product such as this is branding and marketing. Don’t expect to purchase a watch for 99% less and have the same quality and styling. When purchasing replica Rolex watches, especially those manufactured in Japan, lower your expectations as to its looks, and do not count on the same long standard of service. Most of the Japanese pieces can only be counted on for two to three years maximum, and you sometimes will get one that is just total junk. This can happen if you do not know what to look for so that you can buy the best quality knockoffs available. Do some research and take the advice of experts in these areas who have established replica review sites for your assistance. One thing to be aware of is that there are fake sites set up by, paid for, and affiliated with one or more replica dealers, and these will only suggest names of those affiliated dealers, regardless of the quality of products sold on those dealer sites. A further danger is posed by sites which are totally owned by the replica dealers themselves. We here at can help you:

  • 1. We offer you unbiased and honest replica reviews of many online dealers.
  • 2. Our reviews are honest because we are not affiliated with any replica dealers, so there is no chance of coercion.
  • 3. We offer ratings for all the replica stores so that you can make a well-informed and educated decision and choose the recommended site that works best for you. Our advice will save you from disappointments and prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars on low quality products.
  • 4. Our reviews are comprehensive: they take into account site content, product pictures, affiliations with other replica stores, customer service capabilities, testimonials, and feedback (complaints and compliments) of actual customers.


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This site comes as an antidote to fake replica reviews sites that pretend to be helping people, but actually are affiliated with some replica dealers and are paid to vociferate how rest of the sites rip people off. Well I'm tired of this hypocrisy and decided to do something about it. Follow my...
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