Date 08/16/2012

By jason robertson


having always wanted a real rolex but just couldn`t afford it i loooked into a replica and thought i was getting what appeared a great deal, well set out website etc, oh how i was wrong, watch came after about 3 weeks and looked and worked well for a out 4 weeks then completely stopped. the e-mail adress for customer service was a joke and refused to give money back. it is now in the hands of my bank who are trying to retrieve it through visa as i`ve taken the watch to a jeweler and he has confirmed it is actually a second hand swatch that is lucky to work. thought i`d try and leave a message to help others avoid the con which i stupidly fell for

Date 05/22/2012

By Susi


I ordered the Brietlling replica, it came and did not work at all. I emailed them and they said that it would be cheaper to get it mended in the UK than return the watch to China, as I would have to pay for the postage for them to send me another one and the postage to return the one that didn't work.
DO NOT BUY FROM Replica Watches . Com

Date 03/09/2012

By Karl


Recieved watch bu does not work, no customer service or contact details. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE

Date 02/06/2012

By Håkon

Subject Can we trust anything?

Dont know if I can even trust this site! lol. Get paranoid from reading that 99,9% of all sites are scammers

Date 02/06/2012

By Håkon

Subject Re: Can we trust anything?

All the sites recommended on this site is listed here:

But even that list can be a lie to sabotage the sites selling replica watches. Any comments? :P

Date 03/20/2012

By Mcc

Subject Re: Re: Can we trust anything? .... Beware of It looks like you're getting a great service from start tonfinish with great contact with the sellars and brilliant photos if the watch you'll receive but when it arrives it will be the cheapest rubbish replica that looks nothing like what you ordered. We're talking grade '0' replicas. I asked all the right questions and was scammed... The entire site is a scam site... You've been warned...

Date 02/07/2012

By Louis

Subject Re: Can we trust anything?

I don't know about other sites, but I've got very good replica from perfectwatches.

Date 01/25/2012

By mree


what are your thoughts on has anyone ordered from them? i cant find any reviews online for them.

Date 01/08/2012

By rob

Subject scam

Don't buy from this site:
I just got scammed 400$, I bought a watch and never received it.

Date 01/17/2012


Subject Re: scam


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