How the rating is calculated?

We give rating to replica sites according to several factors: payment options, return / refund policy, pictures quality, domain age, customer service availability and quality, association with other sites, overall site usability and many more.

Does ReplicaRating.com sells replica items?

No, we do not. We earn money from adsense and onsite advertising. We're not selling nor are affiliated with any replica dealer.

How accurate are these replica site reviews?

Replicarating.com offers unbiased review for any replica site. If you find any discrepancy between our reviews and actual replica site please let us know by contacting replicarating@gmail.com. If (for example) our review for a site states that there is no chat support and later on this replica site added live chat, all I can do is hope that he upgraded his customer service because of my review!

How accurate are replica watches?

Even for authentic Rolex watch margin of 5-7 minutes per month lost or gained can be expected, there are some adjustments that can be made to offset these losses or gains, the reason however, for this fluctuation has to do with the elevation or altitude rather of the timepiece and its user. Expect a slight manual adjustment from time to time on any authentic Rolex watch. Keep this in mind next time you're shopping for replica watch with automatic mechanism.

What about banner advertising?

 Well, every website has its costs and ReplicaRating.com is no exception. I wouldn't be caught dead with "donate" PayPal button on my site because it's kinda begging and I do understand that advertising on review site can create conflict of interests. As you probably noticed there weren't any banners up until now, although I get numerous requests from various replica sites. I will put banner of a site that I do or would recommend to buy from. Furthermore, advertised site is obliged to fulfill the orders in best possible way and to take care of customer complaints, otherwise he will get permanent negative review.


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